I was a senior in high school and dated the father since sophomore year.  I started to feel ill and I knew after a few days of feeling sick I must be pregnant.  Took a test and it was positive.
Fast forwarding to when my boyfriend and I decided to go to Planned Parenthood.
We were both terrified about telling our parents.  I knew that abortion was wrong but we were so scared we didn't know what to do.  We thought that PP was a crisis center and that they would help us.  Little did we know that when we walked in to PP we were all doomed.
  We told the receptionist our situation and right away she got the "counselor" to take us back to a room to talk.  I remember telling her that we were afraid to tell our parents and that we were seniors in high school.  She just said that if we had the $ we could get the "problem" fixed right away.  Now just keep in mind I don't remember everything.  I don't believe I took a pregnancy test.  I do remember being asked when I thought my last period was.  I can't remember how far along she said I was.  I believe we made a apt that day and had to try to come up with the $ by the apt day.
I remember being extremely sad and really didn't want to do this unthinkable act.  I was just so afraid and wanted my life back the way it was.  My boyfriend was a zombie.  I think he was just traumatized.  I'm married to him now and he doesn't remember most of what happened.  Btw his dad is a huge pro-lifer.  He used to march my boyfriend and his brother in front of the abortion clinic protesting when my bf was younger.  It just goes to show how fear can paralyze you and your beliefs and with PP in the mix you have little to no chance of walking away with your baby.
  The day came and I remember telling a friend to call the school to pretend to be my mom and excuse me for the day.  My bf stayed home from school pretending to be sick.  I don't remember him picking me up and I don't remember driving to the clinic.  I do remember getting there and driving down the clinics gravel driveway where a older woman was standing.  We stopped and my bf rolled down the window.  I can't remember what she said but I do remember her handing us pamphlets.  I kept my head down in shame so I never got a good look at her.  My husband (bf at the time) doesn't remember any if that.  We parked and as we walked toward the entrance there was a man on the other side of a tall wooden fence yelling "the dr in there is the devil!".  We checked in where I handed the receptionist cash.  She said, "just ignore those people out there".  As we sat in the waiting room I felt sad and knew this was wrong.  I saw to me what looked to be a mother waiting with her daughter.  I thought the clinic was for all kinds of women care and that maybe they were there for something else.  I thought I was the only one there for a abortion.  You see I thought that they at PP wanted abortion to be my last option.  That they were only allowing me to do this bc I told the "counselor" we were thinking about abortion.  She NEVER tried talking me out of it.  I thought they were all judging me for making this horrible decision.  Wow was I so wrong!
Anyway, I don't really remember being called or even walking into the room where the abortion took place.  All I remember is that I was extremely sad and the nurse saying, "it's a good thing your having this done bc you would have had really bad back labor".  What?!  At that time I knew nothing about fetal development and certainly nothing about labor!  But now I am just furious!  I was told "it" was just a mass of tissue!  I was never asked if I wanted to see the ultrasound.
  When the dr started the machine I heard what sounded like tissue and fluid being sucked out.  I avoided seeing anything.  To this day that sound haunts me.  That was my baby.  I heard my baby.  My precious child ripped away from me.
  I don't remember walking to the recovery room.  I do remember crying in a recliner.  A girl next to me said that this was her third abortion.  I don't remember getting dressed or meeting back up with my bf.  I remember walking out of the clinic and the same man on the other side of the fence yelling, "you killed your baby didn't you?!".  I cried and cried bc I knew what I had done was wrong.
  If the counselor at PP would have given me a glimmer of hope I would have taken it in a heart beat.  If I was given a chance to hear my baby's heart beat I would have erased abortion from my mind. I went to PP for real help and was only trapped.
  13 years later I am wiser and stronger.  I want young girls to know that Planned Parenthood is NOT a crisis pregnancy center.  It is a baby killing factory.  If you walk in there with hope that they will help you they will destroy it and brainwash you instantly into thinking abortion is the only answer.  Find the real help and run like hell from PP.
  My story continues until the day I die.  I will fight.  I will be a voice not just for my child but for every child.  I recently started volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center right across the street from PP.  I hope and pray for God to equip me to change hearts and save lives.  Give these mothers the knowledge I didn't have or get from the Planned Parenthood.

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