New York


Theresa Bonopartis

I was 17 when I became pregnant and was thrown out of the house by my dad who then pressured me to have an abortion.

Although I did not want to , I had no home, no money and no place to go, so I had an abortion because I felt, like many women do, that I had no choice not a free choice.

Like many teenagers I hide my abortion from my parents so I was at the end of my 4th month when I had a saline abortion in a hospital all alone. After hours of labor I gave birth to a dead baby boy. No one told me the development of my baby or what the procedure consisted of. I was a 17yo in a hospital room by myself terrified. When it was over I remember i kept thinking "how can this be legal". It just seemed unbelievable. I hated myself for years.

I now have been working with other post abortive women and men in the New York area for 20 years and so many of the women we see have been coerced by others. We receive at least 200 new people every

Women deserve the truth about abortion...thanks for this site Albany...I am not able to get my records because too much time has gone by, but I do remember when I went for my check up seeing on the papers that it was a "baby boy"., I already knew that but I can remember reading that and feeling torn apart.

Thank God there is healing after abortion and joy to be had again!

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