Patti Weaver

The year was 1973, I graduated from High School that May. I was 17 years old and right after graduation, I was pregnant. Not living at home, and, not a good relationship with my parents, that option was out.
I told my boyfriend that I thought that I was pregnant. He took me to a Dr. the pregnancy test was" positive." Sitting there... I was in shock! The Dr. said is this child "wanted"...I had no answer. He scribbled down a number and said, call this place.The truth was..." I wanted the baby!" Reality was my boyfriend didn't. He gave me many reasons why, I shouldn't have the baby.He was very talented and had big dreams that would come crashing down. He added that "if" I went ahead with it...we would probably break up. He meant everything to me and the thought of losing him was more than, I could bear. My hormones where out of control. I felt that, I had no way out. You have to remember this was 1973. I had zero knowledge of fetal growth and development. He took me to a tall building . On the outside it said, "Planned Parenthood" it actually sounded good to me at that time. In the back of my mind, I thought maybe they will help us with having the child. He dropped me off at the desk...to make the decision on my own. I asked will" it" feel pain, how big is" it" and would I have pain? They said that "it" would feel no pain, I would feel no pain and that it was just a grouping of cells. They said that since I was almost 18, I would have to go to Kansas City, Mo., they gave me the amount of money to take and that was it!!! My boyfriend paid,I KNOW that I would have had the baby if my bf wouldn't have paid. I didn't have any money.He drove me there and waited. I changed my mind and started crying, the abortionist told the nurse give her something..." she's already PAID!" The Abortionist said, sign this paper, so I can put a" Dalkon Shield" for birth control in you. You would never be able to go through another abortion. You are too emotional. I signed the paper out of coersion and fear. That was my 2nd mistake that day. I woke up crying, cried so loud they took me to a room away from the girls waiting to have their abortion.My boyfriend drove me home. I told my mom that I didn't feel well and needed to stay with her for a couple days. In just a few monthes my boyfriend broke up with me. I was devastated and thought..." I should have had the baby.I was having heavy, very painful periods after the abortion and insertion of the Dalkon Shield. I had to get rushed to the E.R. and they said, I presented to the E.R. with a fever and severe abdominal pain. I ended up having both fallopian tubes and 1 ovary removed. My appendix ruptured and I was full of infection in my abdomen. The Dr. removed what he could closed me up and said we will give her I.V. antibiotic's and hopefully wont have to go back in and take out her uterus.I recovered and didn't need my uterus removed. The sad news was at 19 years old..."I was told that I would NEVER have children." I turned to alcohol and became a weekend only. (bing drinker) alcoholic. I didn't get a wonderful job as, a traveling childrens photographer. That was ok for a couple of years. Then, my life started spiraling down more. I began searching and decied to give Church a try. I gave my life to Christ, repented of the abortion, forgave myself, started realizing that God had forgiven me. Met my husband at Church, told him my history and had never met a more loving man in my life. I had been molested as, a little girl, by a family member. I NEVER felt safe growing up, I told adults and they did nothing. I did not trust men or authority, until I met my husband. God has blessed us. We will soon... celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary and have been blessed to adopt 7 children from around the world. We have been active in the Prolife movement for 30+ years.

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